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Windows Phone Application Development Training

Microsoft has developed an operating system that is utilised on smart phones and has termed it as Windows Phone. Windows Phone is the replacement of Windows Mobile and Zune. Metro design language has been used for developing the user interface of the Widows Phone. The focus of Windows Phone has been shifted from enterprise market to consumer market. All versions of Windows Phone and all their applications are programmed through the utilisation of C or C++ programming language. There have also been a development of upgrades in the operating system available through over the air downloads.

Our staff members include former Microsoft employees who have had experience in performing various duties in the Windows Phone segment. Our Windows Phone at CORPITS will provide you with the knowledge required for developing applications and mod programs for Windows Phone OS.

Windows Phone Application Development Course Syllabus

Windows Phone 8 Overview

Windows Phone 8 Platform - Windows Phone 8 Development Tools - Downloading and installing the tools - Windows Phone 8 SDK overview - Running and Debugging the App.

Introduction to Silverlight and XAML

Application Life-cycle - Application user interface design - Visual events and direct manipulation - Frames and page structured - System tray and navigation.

Designing the User Interface and User Experience

Using presentation patterns that use view models, MVVM - Design Windows Phone 8 control usage - Using controls as usage as described in UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 8 - Using Panorama Control and Pivot Control; choosing when to use the Panorama Control and Pivot Control; Using Application Bar - Using system themes and screen orientation.

Using Notifications

Implementing push notifications in the application - Notifying user of application’s state/status (tile, toast, RAW); respond to notifications; registration for notifications - Plan for and implement push notifications on the server - Using toast, tile, and raw - Create and update live tiles.

Working with Platform APIs, Tasks, and Chooser

Design and implement sensor interaction - Using sensors are appropriate for your application; design location awareness (when to use different levels of Geo position Accuracy) - Location awareness system setting - Implementing the use of Tasks and Choosers.

Data Access and storage

Send and receive data - Consuming data from web services - Data storage : persistent, transient data, isolated storage, isolated storage, cloud-based storage -Handling bandwidth limitations and limited network connectivity/ disconnected scenarios.

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