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Maya Training

Maya 3D or Autodesk Maya is one of the most popular computer graphics software which is compatible for operating systems Linux, OS X and Windows. The software Maya was developed by Autodesk, Inc. who is also the current owner of the software Maya 3D. Maya is used to create 3D visual effects in movies or television series. The software is also used to produce high quality 3D images, develop video games and structural representations in 3D. The virtual environment that is within Maya has the ability to render a scene separately before it is merged with the main file. The software may seem complex and difficult as the implementation of this software involves the designing of 3D objects but we at CORPITS make it easy for you to understand.

Our Maya course will help you understand the concepts and our experts will guide you in understanding the functions of Autodesk Maya. We will not only make you comfortable with the concepts but also help you apply those in a practical manner through our practical classes. With the foundation of basics well placed by us, you will be able to create 3D objects and scenes with ease. CORPITS will make a Maya expert out of you.

MAYA Software Course Syllabus

Introduction to Maya

Maya Basics - The Process.

User Interface

Menus in Maya - Modules and Menu Sets - User Interface Elements - The Shelf - Camera Panels - Layouts - The Hotbox.

Working with Files

Files - References - Projects.

Working with Objects

Scene Management Editors - Viewport Selection - Using the Outliner - Scene Hierarchy - Nodes and Attributes - Using the Display Layer Editor.


Transformation - Transformation Tools - Snapping - Duplication - Additional Transformation - Topics.

Polygon Modeling

Creating Polygon Objects - Combine and Separate - Booleans - Construction History - Nonlinear Deformers - Polygon Components - Transforming Components - Adding Components - Removing Components - Polygon Normals - Polygon Marking Menus.

Materials and Mapping

The principles of a surface - The materials editor - Different types of material - Applying materials - Making materials by hand (lab) - Using 2D maps - Introduction to UVW Mapping - Editing UVW map coordinates - Applying materials & maps to the building concept lab (lab) - Introduction to Mental Ray materials - Applying and editing Mental Ray materials - Applying Mental Ray materials to the building concept and comparing them to standard materials (lab).


Introduction to lighting.


Learning General Principles - Working with Key-frames - Animating Objects - Working with the Track View Editor - Animating an object with key-frames ( lab ) - Understanding Animation Controllers - Working with Object Hierarchies - Animating Bipeds (lab) - Camera Theory - Creating & editing cameras - How to compose a scene in the camera view correctly - Wiring storyboards and cinema-graphic techniques.

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