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IEEE NS2 Projects

The most appropriate and simple event simulator for any kind of network is NS2. NS2 can test a new algorithm, create new network scenarios and find malicious nodes very easily. NS2 can easily support TCP simulations, and simulations for multicast and routing protocols on wireless (local and satellite) and wired networks. NS2 based projects need to be handled carefully in each and every step as a single error can result in the creation of bugs. And bugs will lead to incorrect results. At CORPITS we are focused on providing NS2 projects of high quality so that you can attain the best grades possible for your project. We are also providing training to students for proper utilisation of NS2 and project presentation. This ensures that the real-time functioning project can be explained properly to avoid a lesser grade due to a below average presentation. All NS2 projects are handled by our group of networking experts who have utilised NS2 for many other projects.

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