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An interactive system with an array’s data element is the appropriate description of MATLAB. Dimensioning is not a requirement for this data element. Therefore you are allowed to find the solution of various computation problems and problems that involves matrix and vector formulations. And these solutions can be obtained more quickly than writing a C or FORTRAN program for finding these solutions. MATLAB projects can involve hardware in real time or as a simulation. Certain MATLAB projects based on the most recent IEEE papers are better implementations as simulations and some projects are better implementations as real-time hardware projects. This allows the students a freedom of choice for selecting a real-time hardware project or a simulated project implemented through MATLAB. At CORPITS we have utilised MATLAB’s capability for image processing to the max with the help of our experts. Students are considering image processing IEEE projects as very good options in recent days. MATLAB’s popularity is also another reason for students considering it as a suitable platform for their projects. At CORPITS we are providing students with the training necessary for the proper utilisation of MATLAB.

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