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AutoCAD Civil 3D Training

One of the most widely used designing software for creating Building Information Model workflows in civil engineering. The software of Auto CAD Civil 3D is also used to present a completed design from the provided input. The software can also provide an assumption of the progress based on the time and optimum conditions of the building structure. The project can also be shared to other users of Auto CAD Civil 3D through the software.

Auto CAD Civil 3D also provides its users with a cloud storage space upon certain purchases. CORPITS provides a suitable training environment for Auto CAD Civil 3D students. The staff members are well versed with the functions of the software and have the ability to teach students the basic concepts which will help them make proper decisions in terms of tool usage and technique choices. We aim on teaching students the theory as well as the practicalities of the applying concepts. This way the students will be able to use Auto CAD Civil 3D in a more confident manner.

AutoCAD Civil Course Syllabus

The AutoCAD Civil 3D Interface

Product Overview - AutoCAD Civil 3D Workspaces - AutoCAD Civil 3D User Interface - AutoCAD Civil 3D Tool space - AutoCAD Civil 3D Panorama - AutoCAD Civil 3D Templates, Settings, and Styles.

Project Management

AutoCAD Civil 3D Projects - Sharing Data - Using Data Shortcuts for Project Management.


Lines and Curves - Introduction to Parcels - Creating and Editing Parcels by Layout Overview - Creating and Editing Parcels - Renumbering Parcels - Parcel Reports - Parcel Labels - Parcel Tables.


Survey Workflow Overview - Introduction to the Survey Toolspace - Survey Figures - Points Overview - Point Settings - Creating Points - Description Key Sets - Importing Survey Data - Point Groups - Reviewing and Editing Points - Point Reports.


Surface Process - Surface Properties - Contour Data - Other Surface Data - Break lines and Boundaries - Surface Editing - Adjusting Surfaces through Surface Properties - Surface Analysis Tools - Surface Labels - Surface Volume Calculations - Surface Analysis Display.


Roadway Design Overview - AutoCAD Civil 3D Sites - Introduction to Alignments - Alignments Layout Tools - Alignment Properties -Labels and Tables.


Profiles Overview - Create a Profile View Style - Create Profiles from Surface - Create Profile View Wizard - Finished Ground Profiles - Create and Edit Profiles.


Assembly Overview - Modifying Assemblies - Creating a Corridor - Corridor Properties - Designing Intersections - Corridor Surfaces - Corridor Section Review and Edit - Corridor Visualization.


Grading Overview - Feature Lines - Grading Tools - Modifying AutoCAD Civil 3D Grading.

Pipe Networks

Pipes Overview - Pipes Configuration - Creating Networks from Objects - The Network Layout Toolbar - Network Editing - Annotating Pipe Networks - Pressure Pipe Networks.

Quantity Take Off/Sections

Sample Line Groups - Section Volume Calculations - Pay Items - Section Views.

Plan Production

Plan Production Tools - Plan Production Objects - Plan Production Object Edits - Creating Sheets.

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