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Adobe Photoshop Training

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing software which was created and published by Adobe Systems. The editing software can be run on Windows and OS X. The product Photoshop has gained popularity to an extent where the name has become a verb for editing images on a computing device. The software offers a host of filters, effects and tools that enhance or deconstruct images in an easy manner. The variety of tools and processes available in Photoshop allow multiple changes to be made in a single image.

The utilisation of Adobe Photoshop is expanded to all forms of image editing, graphic designing and image enhancements. Our experts will provide you the knowledge of creative and editing concepts of Photoshop. We will also train you in the latest newly available video editing facilities that have been added in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Course Syllabus

Introduction to Photoshop

About Photoshop - Pixels and Vector Images - User interface - Creating new workspace - Opening existing workspace - Closing workspace - Exploring Toolbox.

Working with Selection

Moving a selected area - Using Rectangular marquee tool, Elliptical marquee tool - Selecting with the lasso tools - Using the quick selection tool - Using the magic wand tool.

Resizing & cropping Images

Understanding Pixels & Resolution - Adjusting Images size - Cropping an Image - Adjusting Canvas Size and Canvas Rotation - Working with Rulers, Guides.

Photo Retouching

Spot healing brush tool - Patch and Healing brush tool - The Red eye tool - Color Replacement tool - The Clone stamp & Pattern stamp tools - The history brush tool & art history brush tool - Using Blur, Sharpen, Smudge tool - Dodge, Burn, Sponge tool.

Painting in Photoshop

Using the Brush tool - Working with color and Swatches - Using Gradients - Working with Brushes - Using the Pencil & Eraser tools.

Vector Image Creation in Photoshop

Using the Pen tool - Pen tool modifier Keys - Path Selection - Modifying paths - Creating Vector Shapes - Creating Custom Shapes.

Working with Text

Text Layers - Creating & Modifying Text - Styling texts - Character & Paragraph Adjustment - Creating path outlines from text - Wrapping text.

Working with Layers

Understanding the Background Layer - Creating, Selecting, Deleting Layers - Locking & Merging Layers - Copying layers, Duplicate Layers & Layers style - Filling & Grouping Layers - Blending Modes, Opacity & Fill.

Working Adjustment Layers

Levels, Auto Levels, Auto Contrast - Change the brightness or contrast of Image.

Creating Special Effects

Working with Photoshop Filter - Smart Filter - Creating Text effect - Creating Effect on Image.

Importing & Exporting Images

Saving with Different File Format - Saving for Web & Devices - Printing option.

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