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Adobe illustrator Training

Adobe Systems created and published a vector graphics editor called as Adobe Illustrator. Logos, charts, graphs and illustrations or cartoons of actual images are considered to be vector graphics or images. Such images do not consist of pixels but paths as their raster image. This helps in making changes to the image without the alteration of quality in vector images.

CORPITS offers a course in Adobe Illustrator where you can learn to overlap images and work with various backgrounds. The utilisation of the Adobe Illustrator might seem complex but CORPITS will make it easy.

Adobe Illustrator Course Syllabus


Introduction to Adobe Illustrator - Illustrator UI - Creating new workspace - Saving workspace - Closing workspace - Customize the Workspace.

Selecting Object

Selection Tool -Direct Selection Tool - Group Selection Tool - Magic Wand Tool - Lasso Tool.

Creating and Editing Shapes

Working with basic shapes - Creating Ellipse And Polygon - Changing Stroke width And Alignment - Editing shapes - Using Live Trace.

Transforming Object

Working with art board - Scaling, Reflecting, Rotating And Shearing Object - Working with Rulers And Guides - Working With Path Finder And Shapes Mode.

Drawing and Painting

Using Pen Tool - Using the Pencil And Brush Tool - Drawing Curves - Editing Path - Using Color Mode - Working with Live Paint - Using Gradients.

Working with Text

Changing font size And color - Using Style - Wrapping Text - Text on a Path - Creating Outlines - Wrapping text around an Object.

Working with Brushes

Using Calligraphic Brushes - Editing a brush - Using art Brushes.

Working with Symbol

Creating Symbols - Editing Symbols - Using Symbol Tool.

Using Graphics Style And Effects

Using And Editing Effects - Creating Graphics Styles - Applying Photoshop Effects - Applying Illustrator Effect.

Working with Graph Tool

Column Graph - Stacked Column Graph - Bar Graph - Stacked Bar Graph - Line Graph - Scatter Graph - Area Graph - Pie Graph - Radar Graph.

Blend Mesh, And Flare Tool

Working with Layers

Creating layers - Moving objects and layers - Creating clipping masks - Merging layers.

Working with Pathfinder & Shape Mode

Add & Subtract - Intersect - Exclude - Divide - Trim - Merge - Crop - Outline - Minus Back.

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