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Adobe Flash Training

Vector graphics, mobile games, applications that are suited for desktops and mobiles, internet applications, vector animations and games that can be run on web browsers are created utilising Adobe flash. Adobe Flash is a software that is also a multimedia platform that has been created and published by Adobe Systems.

The software is also used to display text and animations for raster and vector graphics. Streaming of video and audio along with the capturing of inputs provided by mouse, keyboard, camera and microphone also utilises the Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash player is utilised through the web browser to run animations and graphics that have been designed through the use of Flash Editor. AIR is used if a desktop or mobile device is being used for viewing.

Adobe Flash Course Syllabus


Creating a Flash Document - Flash Interface - Managing the Workspace - Saving Workspace - Transforming Object - Combining Object - Arranging Object - Color Plates.

Tools of Flash

Free Transform tool - Lasoo tool - Pen tool - Pencil tool - Eye Droper tool - Hand tool - 3D Rotation tool - Text tool - Rectangle tool - Brush tool - Paint Bucket tool - Eraser tool - Magnifier tool.

Working with Graphics

Creating Rectangles - Using a Gradient Fill - Making Selections - Drawing Ovals - Creating a Simple Animation - Working with Lines - Manipulating Objects - Masking Objects - Testing a Movie.

Working with Text In Flash

Creating Text with Text tool - Formatting the text.

Drawing Object in Flash

Drawing Lines - Drawing a Custom line - Drawing Curve with the pen tool -Drawing Oval shapes.

Editing Objects in Flash

Editing the fills color - Adding strokes to shapes - Rotation an Objects - Using the Eraser tool - Creating Gradient tool - Grouping Object.


Timeline Basics - Create a Span of Frames & Control the Play head - Creating Key frames - Insert Blank Key frames & Clear Key frames - Frame-by-Frame Animation & Onion Skin.

Motion Presents

Getting Started with Motion Presents - Modifying a Motion Tween - Stretching Tween Spans - Create Layer Folders - Moving Tween Spans - Setting Static Frames - Building a Test Movie.

Working with Animation in Flash

Setting speed and Dimensions of the Document - Adding Frame - Creating Animation Frame and Frame - Motion tween - shape tween - classic tween.

Using Sound in Flash

Importing Sound - Assigning sound to the layer - Assigning sound to the Buttons.

Using Tween and Action in Flash

Creating a Motion Tween - Ease in and Ease out - Adding Flash action - Assigning a stop and play Actions.

Working with Layers in Flash

Adding a layer and Deleting - working with layer in the timeline - Adding the stacking order - Adding Classic Motion guide layer - Adding a plain guide layer - Adding a mask layer.

Action Script & Behaviors

Introducing Action Script - Adding a Stop Action - Creating Buttons & Setting Button States - Creating Interactive Text Buttons - Adding Site Content - Setting up for Action Script 2 - Adding Behaviors with Action Script 2 - Writing Action Script 3.

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