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3DS Max Training

One of the most popular 3D studio programs is Autodesk 3DS Max, previously it was known to graphics designers as 3D Studio Max. The software is a 3D computer graphics program that is used to create 3D images, games, models and animations. Autodesk media and Entertainment is the owner of the 3DS Max and the software is supported by the Microsoft Windows platform. Multiple plug-ins can be supported in 3DS Max which can produce advance models. The utilisation of 3DS Max might feel intimidating but we at CORPITS make sure that you grasp the concepts and basic functions of 3DS Max with ease.

The staff members at Corpits have immense knowledge regarding the software 3DS Max as they have created unique and stunning animations and images for various advertisements. The training we provide will contain all the theory regarding creation of special effects and animations. The basics will be covered and the students will be encouraged to apply the theory in a practical manner. The creativity in utilisation of the various techniques available in the 3DS Max will help in forming a better understanding of using the software. With us, you will be able to expand your horizons through 3DS Max.

3DS Max Course Syllabus

Standard Primitives - Extended Primitives - Customizing the Units - Basic Models using Parametric Deformers - AEC Extended objects - Advanced Set modeling-Buildings - Foliage-Exterior- Landscaping - 3D Boolean - Compound Objects - 2D Boolean - Standard Lighting - Advanced Lighting - Basic Texturing - Particles - Environment Effects - Reactors - Mental ray Rendering - Camera Walk through - Project in 3ds Max.

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